I really wanted to title this – 2 Seconds to Get Your Ass in Gear :)  This is a continuation of my

New Beginnings November newsletter:

New beginnings can be scary – because change is scary. But new beginnings are also exciting! Did you see what I did there?

I changed fear to excitement.

And when you get excited, how does your body react? Do you stand taller? Do you smile? When I am excited, I usually fist pump or do a mini dance. Yes. I. DO. Ask anyone who knows me. :)

Need a little boost? Try “acting” excited. Do your happy dance or clap your hands or whatever your pumped you does!

It is a simple technique. Tony Robbins calls it ‘changing your state.” Amy Cuddy uses the term “power pose.” Emotions are linked to movement in our bodies. Good posture and a smile (or a super hero pose) produces a more positive state!

Being an extremely shy person, when I have to speak to large groups or teach at new studios, I change my fear to excitement. I literally say to myself, ” I am excited to… ” and stand tall and throw my hands up and jiggle around. Simple, but sometimes it really is that easy to change the perception of your current situation. Turn anxiety and fear into enthusiasm and anticipation! Boom.
If fear is holding you back from making a decision can you look at your situation through the lens of excitement? Would you then take a step forward? Try acting excited RIGHT NOW and see what happens!