I love Shanti” s energy and spirit. It is unique to meet someone in our business that has a wonderful blend of functional and technical skills, combined with their heart and soul, and clearly walks the wellness walk. Some might say I” m not easy to impress…..but I was thoroughly impressed…..her boxing class was outstanding. Although I have to admit to feeling sore in my upper abs and lats like never before : )
Robin S.

Athletic Director Four Seasons

I have been on 3 retreats with Shanti/SweatPlayLive and Move your Asana – most recently the SurfXFIT Retreat! From sun up to sun down the days were filled with beach workouts, yoga, Amazing Surf and surprise fitness related adventures! Shanti is a wealth of knowledge in all areas related to Mind, Body and Spirit! Her professionalism, dedication and passion make for the perfect balance of Sweat, Play, Live. If you want to do something for yourself that will last a life time book your retreat with Shanti/SweatPlayLive, NOW!!
Michele L.

Danville, CA

Training with Shanti is training with a jack of all the training trades. Not conforming to the fitness trends of the moment but simply training for an active lifestyle. She is certainly educated in all modalities and could take any kind of athlete to the next level, weekend warrior or professional! Not confined to a gym, her workouts are as dynamic as the places she lives, travels and plays. All around she is the most attentive, professional trainer I’ve worked with.
Ben B.

Park City, UT

I am amazed at how much tension release I experienced after just two, one hour functional posture sessions with Shanti. The two areas I saw the most results were a 25 year old scar on my shoulder and my extremely tight quads from years of bike riding.  The release in my shoulders is now improving my swimming stroke and overall posture whereas I have much less lower back pain now that my legs are less tense. Shanti has a unique understanding of movements which she combines with her in-depth knowledge of the body and muscle.  Shanti has a calm and relaxing energy that keeps you grounded as you move through the deep work that helps to bring you to the next level. I trusted her and received amazing results! I feel stronger and am seeing improvements in my day to day life.  Thank you!!  
Stacy K.

Rancho la Puerta

My week at Shanti” s Surf X Retreat was a wonderful experience and one I will never forget. Every aspect of the week (from the condo to the food to the people and to the activities) were amazing. I couldn” t believe I was able to paddle into the waves by myself by the end of the week. Shanti is an amazing inspiration. I came into the week feeling good about myself and left feeling strong and knowing I could accomplish anything.!
Lisa L.


” A fitness retreat with Shanti is a true gift.  She is an inspiration from the inside out.  Her retreats manage to combine effortless travel to a small oasis in Mexico (every detail was arranged for us) with limit testing fitness that will challenge your body and your will.  Add to that surfing, massage, siesta and Shanti” s kindness – you will never want to go home!”
Stephanie P.

SPL Mexico

Shanti teaches a great class ! Full of intelligent, mindful and safe movement designed to work the whole body with the level of the student always in mind Her creativity and sense of humour get you through her classes, even if you wonder if she is serious when she introduces her” party tricks” !!!!” YES …you can do this !!!!” And she is right , you can and you will It is a pleasure and a challenge all in one !
Giselle B.

Pilates Instructor

” Shanti is an incredible trainer, very no nonsense and a” just do it” attitude. Her positive energy and motivation pushes me to get out of my comfort zone and to realize that I can work harder and get stronger than I ever thought I could.”

Hilary H.

Tiburon, CA

” I have been working with Shanti for about 12 years and at the age of 52 I am in better shape, physically and mentally, than women half my age. I never miss her workouts because each one is different and challenging. She caters to all levels but her best workouts are the kick-ass ones that make me sore for three days! Shanti brings elements from all fitness disciplines into her program: yoga, kick boxing, pilates, Dailey Method, etc. I especially loved her Mexico Fitness Retreat. A week of killer workouts, hikes, beach cardio, stand up paddle boarding, and great food! If you want to get fit, there is no better trainer than Shanti, She is awesome!”
Azi N.

Tiburon, CA

” As a fellow fitness professional, Shanti is one of the few personal trainers that I would hire as my trainer. Her attention to detail and form is astounding. She consistently has exciting exercises and formats of presentation that keep 1-1 and small group training workouts exciting. As a group exercise coach/instructor, Shanti can command the attention of the entire group and amp up the energy when there are many people in a class. Her cueing is seamless and precise. Shanti teaches several different formats and she is a great motivator. You will find yourself pushing extra hard in any of Shanti” s workouts.”
Heather M.

San Anselmo CA

” My first Mexico retreat with Shanti and Heather was a blast. I will forever treasure my memories of morning beach workouts, fresh local foods, an incredible boat trip, and beautiful hikes. Shanti and Heather will change the way you think about exercise. Their innovative, fun and unique programs will keep you on your toes and challenge you both physically and mentally.  Thank you both for the sweat and the laughs!”
Sarah A.

MYA Mexico 2015

” I began training with Shanti after my third child was born and Shanti has been an incredible inspiration to me to stay healthy and strong. The training is intense and her encouragement and alignment cues are amazing. My workouts with Shanti are like a vessel that transports me to become a more powerful woman in both mind and body. With this, anything is possible. Thank you Shanti!”
Julie Z.

Mill Valley CA

” I am still on my happy high from the most amazing weekend I could have imagined. I could go on and on about the quality of each workout, each adventure, each and every surprise big and small you planned, each treat left on our bed along the way, each yummy breakfast (I need that granola recipe!), lunch, and dinner you so thoughtfully planned out, each amazing woman who added another different voice and experience to the group, and both of you– our inspiring, kind-hearted, genuine soul, fearless leaders who pushed us all to work hard and play and laugh and face our fears in the most welcoming, warm atmosphere.
Thank you just doesn” t do it, Heather and Shanti! You two ladies are incredible. I feel so honored to have shared in MYA 2014 with you both. Thank you so much for that gift! Can” t wait for the next adventure.”
Jen K.

MYA PC 2014

” The perfect combination of intimate relaxing getaway and get your ass kicked fitness, Shanti” s Mexico retreat was just what I needed.  I loved that Shanti took care of everything…from selecting a beautiful venue with a secluded private beach, to scoping out off-the-beaten path jungle hikes, everything was thoughtful and well done.  Every day had a new and different morning workout, an active mid-day activity like hiking or surfing, plenty of lounge time, and a vigorous evening yoga class.  I came home relaxed but feeling strong and invigorated.  I will definitely be coming back for more.”
Eva S.

SPL Mexico

” The Sweat Play Live – Mexico Retreat was exactly what I needed when I needed it.  What can I say that can do it justice?! My experience was humbling, yet empowering, challenging, yet relaxing, grounding, yet freeing.  Punta Monterey is a magical place.  Shanti  created an experience where I connected with amazing people, reconnected with my soul, and was one with the earth.   It was a pivotal point in spiritual, physical and emotional growth and development.”
Melanie L.

SPL Mexico