“I love Shanti’s energy and spirit. It is unique to meet someone in our business that has a wonderful blend of functional and technical skills, combined with their heart and soul, and clearly walks the wellness walk. Some might say I’m not easy to impress…..but I was thoroughly impressed.”
Robin S.

Athletic Director, Four Seasons

One-on-One & Customized Workouts

Functional and fundamental movement training for athletes.
Creative and dynamic workouts for fitness enthusiasts.

More than a fitness trainer:

  • Pre-program movement screens
  • Nutrition assessments
  • Goal and Priority Coaching
  • Individualized wellness programs for lasting change

Shanti’s passion is helping her clients to realize their physical, mental, and emotional strengths. She has worked with 1000’s of body-types and athletic abilities. She inspires each client to FIND WHAT MOVES THEM!

  • Personal training in your home or office.
  • Personal trianing via Facetime or Skype.
  • Private training week:

Jumpstart your wellness routine with a customized “personal retreat” with Shanti at her home in Punta Mita, or your home or place of vacation.

4 – 7 days of personal training, activities, yoga and meditation to reset and recharge your body, mind and spirit.

**Shanti is also available for private group trainings and travels internationally for corporate wellness programs.

Below is a full list of class offerings and I can bring all equipment. Multiple formats can also be combined for a custom class:

  • XPT Performance Breathing.
  • Yoga – Vinyasa flow style or Restorative yoga.
  • SUP Yoga – Yoga performed on paddle boards. Some yoga experience recommended.
  • Mat Pilates – Non-impact exercises designed to strengthen the core.
  • Barre/Pilates sculpt: Barre-influenced class to strengthen core and develop long, lean muscles.
  • Aqua Tone (water aerobics) – A fun total body workout using the resistance of the water. Non-impact and great for all ages and fitness levels.
  • Deep Water – Water jogging and deep water conditioning.
  • XPT Water Training – A very unique, non-impact pool workout in shallow or deep pools utilizing dumbbells and breath-holding to challenge body and mind.
  • MOVE Your Asana®: A non-impact workout consisting of traditional bodyweight exercises, pilates, barre, that flows like a yoga class.
  • Core off the Floor: Total-body functional strength workout moving in all planes of motion.
  • TRX – up to 10 people: A total-body workout using the TRX suspension trainers. Great for all levels. *Must have a high beam of palapa or palm trees to anchor.
  • DeFINE: Strength/cardio interval workout using light weights or bands.
  • BodyShots Boxing: Basic punches and punch combinations are taught in this true boxing workout. A fun group experience or one-on-one training. No prior boxing experience necessary. Boxing gloves provided.
  • Taebo: A non-contact cardio kickboxing class. Punches and Kicks are taught to the beat of the music for a fun sweat-fest!
  • HIIT the Beach: A total body, bootcamp style, high-intensity interval training class.

Classes & Group Workouts

You can workout with my LIVE on ZOOM! I post my weekly schedule every Sunday evening on Facebook and Instagram

Donations welcome but not required.
PayPal: [email protected]
Join Zoom Meeting –  Link Here! 
*password: MOVE

Group Class Schedule (Cancelled for now) 

Indoor and Outdoor Group Sessions- Please check the Facebook page for weekly class updates!

Shanti has taught over 10,000 classes. She believes that to feel balanced in body and mind, you need to mix it up and train to move in all planes of motion. Her mission is to educate her students so that they can take charge of their own bodies and their own workouts!

You will find Shanti teaching in the coolest boutique wellness centers and on the most beautiful beaches in Sayulita and Punta de Mita, Mexico. She also guest instructs at the highest rated resorts and fitness spas in the world!

**Shanti is also available for private group trainings and travels internationally for corporate wellness programs.

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