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With the change of the season from warm to cool and relaxed to busy, many of you will be heading back indoors to workout. I find Fall an exciting time to build fitness momentum so that when the holidays hit you can sprint right through without blinking an eye or gaining a pound (for that matter). Bodies in motion stay in motion. Bodies at rest stay at rest… I have never believed in working out for a summer bikini body – especially now that I live in Mexico where we wear bikini’s year round. Here are my 5 tips for Rocking your Health this Fall and ALL year long:

Find a workout you LOVE and try new ones!
I always tell my clients that the best workout is the one that you will do. Regular exercise should NOT feel like a chore. Keep searching for that special workout, class or activity that you LOOK FORWARD to – or better yet are EXCITED about! Exercise also strengthens your brain! The brain develops precise neural pathways when learning a new skill. Why not try a dance class, circus arts, or my favorites – boxing and Muay Thai kickboxing!

Make workout “appointments”
Write your workouts and exercise classes into your weekly planner/calender. I usually do this on Sunday nights and I ALWAYS have a plan B. Just in case something comes up and I cannot make my workout appointment I know I have a back-up class or a workout video to do.
(free classes at www.moveyourasanafitness.com)

Eat your (CRUCIFEROUS) vegetables!
I know you have heard this before, but, are you eating plenty of cruciferous vegetables at EVERY meal? Cruciferous vegetables are a unique group of vegetables that contain particular phytonutrients that have a potential to prevent cancer! The group consists of vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, brussels sprouts, mustard greens, and arugula. Cruciferous vegetables are low in fat and high in fiber making them one of the best types of food you can eat when you are trying to lose fat. Cruciferous vegetables have key compounds that are also shown to lower chronic inflammation.

Bonus tip: Eat your vegetables with a little fat, such as oil-based salad dressings, nuts, or avocados. This helps your body to absorb those valuable nutrients!
Plan FUN into your day – EVERYDAY! Even 5-10 minutes.
I know you are busy with meetings, conference calls, Yoga, school carpools, dinner prep, etc. etc. BUT you must take time to refill your emotional cup. What fun can you PLAN into your day? Go for a hike with your BFF? Listen and dance to a new playlist? Do cartwheels at the park with your kids? Read something not news or work related – hmmm, maybe a magazine? Knit? Making FUN a priority is making YOU a priority!

Celebrate your SUCCESSES!!
We are quick to beat ourselves up when we eat “bad” food or miss a few workouts, but what about celebrating each DAY we choose healthy foods, kick ass during our run, or tick off everything on our “to do” list! Taking the time to acknowledge our awesomeness is a form of self care, and the more you care for yourself the more able you are to care for the world around you!