We have all heard the expression, “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” But did you know that is physiologically true? At a basic level we are all energy, and energy has power, positive and negative. LIKE literally attracts LIKE. Your vibration sets off a chain reaction that will attract people and situations that match your energy. If you are a genuinely positive individual, your energy or vibration will attract other genuinely positive individuals. But if you are just “trying” to be positive and not truly embodying the emotion, your energy or vibration will attract others vibrating at a similar frequency. Here are 3 ways you can go from “trying” to actually (and authentically) raising your vibe!

IMG_18781. Wake Up On Purpose:

How often do you wake up on purpose? Not just to make breakfast, dress the kids, or check your inbox – but to wake up with a purpose! How do you want to FEEL? Take a moment after waking and sit, breathe, and think of 3 things that make you happy. I bet you will actually start to smile, and that smile begins to raise your vibration – the energy you emit out to the world. Starting your day with the intent of being happy or joyful will set in motion the energy to attract joyful people and joyful experiences. I like to think about my Sadie Bug –>

Even when someone throws a wrench in your plan, or a bowl of cereal on your clothes, or doesn’t get your coffee order right – can you see the humor in the situation, or find anything positive? Or do you always go right into doom and gloom mode? When you look for the positive in everyday situations you are also raising your vibration…

2. Flex Your Optimism Muscle:

Truly. It is a practice. You may not be able to control everything in your life, but do get to CHOOSE how you react to things and in turn how you see your world.

I often hear people automatically default to negativity. Whether it be at the grocery store – “I always get the slow line!.” Driving to work – “Why doesn’t anyone know how to drive!” And even at the gym – “I can’t believe someone took ‘my’ treadmill!”

I am a genuinely positive person, but of course there have been times in my life when I wasn’t always happy on the inside and that reflected in my reactions to things. After my divorce, I made a conscious effort to look for the good in every situation. I flexed my positivity muscle. If I had a negative thought, I would immediately tell myself a different story. I had to do that for quite some time until it wasn’t a conscious decision any longer. Some mindset “gurus” tell people to say “Cancel-Cancel” after a negative word or thought – whatever works for you.

The point is to become conscious to your negativity. Become aware of that inner voice (or outer voice) that spews unhappy comments towards yourself or others.

Yes, sometimes there are crappy things that WILL happen to all of us, but you always have a choice of how you will react and for HOW LONG you are going to dwell in crap-land.

This past October, I missed my flight down to Mexico where I spend my winters. It had just started snowing in Park City that morning and I was excited to escape for the season, but I also had a ton of work to do before my first retreat guests arrived. Bummer. I believe everything happens for a reason, so I was racking my brain trying to see the good in that situation. We drove back to Park City from the airport and I immediately went to the boxing gym and had one last workout with my favorite trainer. Ok, that was pretty good… and I stayed extra long because I didn’t want to walk out in the snow :) The next day I landed in Puerto Vallarta and saw my good friend, Steve, at the airport. He invited me to his house for dinner that evening. It was magical, and had I made my flight the day before I definitely would not have had that experience. I told Steve that he was the reason I missed my flight!

Was it really? I will never know, but why not? It may sound a little naive to walk around with rose-colored glasses on, but I sure prefer roses to crap.

IMG_65063) Go On A Complaining Diet:
I got this one from, Tracy Di Nunzio, the founder of Tradesy.com. She was born with spina bifida, which is a congenital birth defect where your vertebrae do not form around your spinal cord. She began to paint during her recovery from surgeries and had to crawl around the floor (to paint) because she could not stand upright. She became bitter and began complaining until she read some words by Stephen Hawking.

He said, ‘When you complain, nobody wants to help you.’ So simple and so true.


“If you spend your time focusing on the things that are wrong, then that is what you express and project to people you know. You don’t become a source of growth for people, you become a source of destruction for people. That draws more destructiveness.”

Tracy also put herself on a complaining diet – She would not let herself complain about any situation, and also would not let herself think anything negative about it!

Love that!

Being an optimistic person has many benefits. Not only does positive energy have a lightness to it, but you will feel physically uplifted and mentally calm. And really when was the last time you wanted to hang out with a grouch? People are naturally attracted to positive people, so begin your day with a smile, flex your optimism muscle, and start that complaining diet because…