Move Your Asana® is a lifestyle, a mindset, and a connection to the world around us.

Move Your Asana® is about smart workouts that challenge your mind and body.   When you Move Your Asana® we encourage you to nourish your body with real food, but find balance and enjoy all the tastes the world has to offer. Your body is a beautiful machine that can do AMAZING things.   The Move Your Asana® way of life develops inner and outer strength through innovative workouts and cultivates body confidence supported by a solid mind-body connection. We strive to set examples of healthy, happy living for the young people around us and support friends and strangers by leading a judgement-free life.

Heather and Shanti want YOU to join them and Move Your Asana®!

Heather McKenzie and Shanti Tilling are the creators of Move Your Asana® and they are experts in the fitness industry. Combined, they have been training clients and leading workouts for over 40 years and have taught more than 20,000 classes! Both have practiced yoga throughout their fitness careers and love the mind-body connection and balance that is found in yoga while using the flexibility from their practice to keep their bodies moving freely. Heather and Shanti are well versed in training clients in kickboxing, boxing, cycling, strength training, and all bootcamp style workouts that use various tools, including ReXIST360, BOSU, TRX, medicine balls, sandbags and more. They have worked with thousands of different body types, from novice exercisers, to weekend warriors, and professional athletes.

Shanti was born to move – changing her cleats for dance shoes in the back of her mom’s car. This desire for movement continued throughout high school and college, and in 1997 Shanti became one of the original national Taebo instructors. Shanti is an outdoor fitness junkie and has cycled, run, hiked, climbed, paddled, and surfed all over the world. Her love for adventurous travel combined with a passion for fitness led her to create Sweat Play Live fitness retreats in 2010. Shanti happily splits her time between Punta de Mita, Mexico and Park City, Utah – playing with her husband and two little dogs, leading classes and training clients from around the globe.

Heather was a competitive gymnast, dancer and diver in her teenage years and took up mountain biking, snowboarding and fitness classes after graduation from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Heather is a fan of cross training, always moving her body and (exercising her mind!) with different workouts. Heather leads several classes each week in Marin County, CA and San Francisco. When Heather is not teaching or training clients, you can find her with her three kids, two Rhodesian Ridgebacks (Lois & Clark…who aside from Shanti are the best mountain biking partners!) and husband, Yates.

Having met while teaching at a local gym in Marin County, CA, Heather and Shanti became fast friends. Always up for adventure, long mountain bike rides and trail runs gave opportunity for deep talks which lead to a very special friendship. Shanti and Heather naturally began collaborating in all things fitness…and Move Your Asana® was born!

Great thought, tons of sweat and lots of laughs went into the creation of Move Your Asana®. Heather and Shanti are excited to share their passion for health and fitness with you!

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