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I post my weekly updated schedule every Sunday evening on the Sweat Play Live® Facebook page or Instagramming

I believe movement not only makes healthier, but also a happier and more vibrant human being!

All the workouts I design are based on creating a strong foundation from which to build an even stronger body – A body that can carry you through all of life’s beautiful AND challenging moments. Every workout is a small step towards mental and physical health. Consistency is the key!

I personally do 2 total body Strength Cardio CORE (HIIT) workouts a week. 1 non-impact Move Your Asana® class + 1-2 dedicated CORE workouts a week. I find that my 4- 5 land workouts a week keep me strong for all of my other activities that I enjoy: boxing, surfing, mountain biking and XPT water training.

When you Move Your Asana® we encourage you to nourish your body with real food, but find balance and enjoy all the tastes the world has to offer. Your body is a beautiful machine that can do AMAZING things.   The Move Your Asana® way of life develops inner and outer strength through innovative workouts and cultivates body confidence supported by a solid mind-body connection. We strive to set examples of healthy, happy living for the young people around us and support friends and strangers by leading a judgement-free life.

Heather and Shanti want YOU to join them and Move Your Asana®!